A group of teachers involved in professional development

A group of teachers involved in professional development

Welcome to the MASCIL toolkit, designed to support the delivery or facilitation of professional development for teachers of mathematics and science.
MASCIL supports teacher groups working to improve their teaching by adopting inquiry based learning (IBL) practices that connect with the world of work.

The toolkit is designed to support these groups by providing a flexible resource to allow them to explore new and innovative teaching practices. It can be used in a totally flexible way that allows groups to work on aspects of teaching that they have prioritised or it can be used to provide a carefully planned training course. A suggested model course is provided.

The MASCIL toolkit has three domains.
WAYS OF WORKING: explains how to use the toolkit in both face-to-face and e-learning versions as well as providing tools that will help groups consider how they will work together through cycles of inquiry into their classroom teaching practice.
INQUIRY and IBL PEDAGOGIES: provides support for teacher groups in exploring all aspects of inquiry in classrooms.
WORLD OF WORK: supports new ways of teaching mathematics and science that connects with the world of work. It draws on the MASCIL resources that have been collected from across Europe to assist with this.

The diagram below provides an overview of the complete toolkit, with the domains on the left. These are then broken down into issues, with questions that teacher groups are likely to ask under each theme. Tools that the group coordinator can use when working with a group to answer these questions are then provided (in the right hand column of the diagram). Each part of the toolkit is accessible using the drop-down and fly-out menus above.

To get started read the “Ways of Working” page – select the page using the menu system or click here.
map of toolkit

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello,

    it is a nice toolkit with many materials.

    What I missed is a direct connection to real school lessons:
    - Pictures from the classroom that show that the activity works?
    - Possble pupils solution: what results can I expect?
    - Pictures in general for a motivation to read the task
    - Tasks examples from Primas with videos (many English videos exist , 4 German with English subtitle) from the classroom.
    - A new inquiry cycle – why dont you use the in classroom tested primas inquiry cycle

    just ideas

    best regards

  2. It is interesting and useful toolkit, so many materials!
    The main diagram is hard to read – especially blue color is too dark and letters are not visible. Please change colors and perhaps use different font.
    Photos from activities would be great.

    Best regards,

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